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It was a time when there was magic. "SAWDUST" is a new episodic drama and the first original series being produced specifically for 3D Television, set on the stage and behind the scenes of a Depression era traveling circus. Times were tough, but it was simpler time. When the circus rolled into town, a nickel bought a passport into a make-believe universe of the exotic and erotic.

in 3D 

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Co-produced by Wayne Schoenfeld and Hollywood screenwriter, producer and director, Anthony Coogan, this authentically staged, stunning production tells the story of family struggle in a time much like today; a challenging time filled with lowered expectations when dreams had to be put on the back burner.

Presented in Stereoscopic, Digital 3D, the viewer will be immersed in a nuanced drama set in a dazzling microcosm filled with passion, danger, sawdust, sweat and glory.


For generations, the smell of sawdust has welcomed visitors into a magical world of elephants and tigers, jugglers and clowns, and daring young men on the flying trapeze.
And now, "SAWDUST" is bringing the big top thrills of a bygone era into homes the world over.

A cast of real circus performers, shot in 3D, this is a movie that will literally leap off the screen.

-Wayne Schoenfeld, Executive producer-


Mamie Van Doren

Ms. Van Doren will play ‘Victoria’, the glamorous but tough-minded owner of a 1930’s Depression-era circus struggling to keep the show on the road. This marks Mamie’s first acting role since her cameo appearance in the 2002 Dewey Nicks film, “Slackers”. She is best known for starring roles in a number of influential films from the 1950s and 60s including “High School Confidential”, “Untamed Youth” and “Teacher’s Pet”, opposite Clarke Gable and Doris Day. As a singer, she recently appeared in a guest performance with Pink Martini at the Greek Theater.

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It was the time of the Great Depression. Everyone was having it rough, including the family owned Dunn Bros. Circus. "Brownie", a tough as nails widow who runs the show, is getting tired and torn between the ongoing struggle to keep the circus together and being forced to sell to slick bankers. The promise of a cash buyer persuades Brownie's estranged daughter, Laura, to come out from the East to assist in the details.

But, the plot thickens. The buyers are trying to sabotage the circus to drive down the price. And, Laura, back in the sawdust, can't help but be reminded of the magic of her childhood traveling with the circus. With a surprise ending, "SAWDUST" includes plot twists and a story arc that keeps the viewer glued to the screen.


Wayne Schoenfeld and the Circus of the past


Wayne Schoenfeld, Executive Producer 
Anthony Coogan, Executive Producer
John Grimshaw, Executive Producer
Mailis Burgaud, Publicist


New Democracy Productions
P2P Productions
Stereomedia 3D HD Digital Film



LA Circus

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SAWDUST Productions is a creative collaboration between New Democracy Productions, P2P Productions, and Stereomedia 3D HD Digital & Film in the United States and Canada.

Principles include award-winning filmmaker and photographer Wayne Schoenfeld, Producer and 3D Stereographer Anthony Coogan and Nadia Duguay of EXEKO, an international charity, ASHOKA Fellow and winner of the 2009 Medal of Peace.