All the pieces shown here are among Wayne Schoenfeld's humanitarian work.
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Liberia: Emerging from The Shadows?

Words are often insufficient to truly capture the scope of tragedy, which is one reason why author's work is so effective. It is impossible for a reader to experience this poignant documentary photo book without feeling moved by the suffering that Liberians have endured for so many years. 
Schoenfeld, a veteran filmmaker, accompanied a humanitarian medical mission comprised of volunteer healthcare providers who wished to offer a glimmer of hope to disfigured patients in war-ravaged Liberia. 

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The Unblinking Lens
Volume 1: The community man

This ten year retrospective of the travel photography of award winning photographer and documentary film maker, Wayne Schoenfeld, goes off the beaten path to where Schoenfeld takes the viewer to meet the real people that populate this one globe that all people share. Through his images the viewer/reader is reminded that, once through the facade of culture, we all have much more in common that the differences that separate us.

Intersections in the land of Eternal Spring

Intersection in the Land of Eternal Spring,Wayne Schoenfeld's monograph, follows a group of volunteers during a humanitarian mission in Guatemala, in march 2011.

Beneath their humanity and the enchanting landscapes, Schoenfeld is drawing up a poignant picture of the Guatemalan people through the tragic history of a family.

Everyday Heroes Collection

This collection brings to date 4 monographs from American photographer Wayne Schoenfeld.

The first sections of the collection are tributes to humanitarian work of volunteer surgeons who work with Rotaplast International, to operate children with cleft lip.

Footprints in the Sand: Caregivers of South Africa

This book showcases a unique experience in South Africa where Schoenfeld and Exeko, among others, were invited to the 20th Children Hospice International World Congress (CHI). This monograph is an hymn to the work of everyday heroes, caregivers, nurses, organizers, orphanage directors, who fight daily for children with incurable diseases.

This book offers a range of unique encounters: Ann Armstrong-Dailey, CEO and CHI director - Reverend Mpho Tutu, Tutu Institute Executive director, daughter of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Desmond Tutu - Tim and Maz Walker, Co-directors of the Village of Hope orphanage - Vicky Hinrichsen, Manager of Thembacare Grabouw - etc.

Footprints in the Sand is also a tool for fundraising and communication for these organizations and individuals dedicated to the cause of children in palliative care.

Through this world but once

This monograph, shot entirely in Ethiopia, shows a story of tragedy and hope through the eyes of a most unique, Chaplinesque, Dawish the Clown.Moreover, discover the unbelievable work of the volunter surgeons of Rotaplast International.

Through this world but once is also a tool for fundraising and communication for Rotaplast International.

Brittle Glory, the Face of Change

Intimate portraits of Muslim people from Turkey to Cuba.

The South East Turkey is a land torn for a generation by bloody Kurdish rebellion and very-hot-spot in the conflict with Iraq. Wayne Schoenfeld, as a great traveller, is offering the reader a real journey in the heart of this ancient land and give them the occasion to discover the soul and the culture of a people.

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Liberia: Emerging from the Shadows? 2014

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Intersection in the Land of Eternal Spring - 2011

Footprints in the Sand - South Africa - 2009

Through this World but Once - Ethiopia and Nepal - 2009

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