August 12, 2014

Liberia Documentary Completed

(c)Wayne Schoenfeld

In September 2013, Wayne Schoenfeld and a film crew from NDP traveled to the country of Liberia, on the west coast of Africa. This culminated in the Documentary Film "Liberia: Emerging from the Shadows?".

This film provides a glimpse into the daily struggles and triumphs of the Liberian people, following decades of civil war, a complete breakdown of basic services, infrastructure and political turmoil.

In addition, "Liberia: Emerging from the Shadows", book and ebook were published earlier this year, providing an in depth look into day-to-day life in Liberia, seen through the eyes and lens of photographer Wayne Schoenfeld.

At the time the film completed post production, we began hearing of the devastating outbreak of the Ebola Virus in Liberia and throughout West Africa. It is with heavy hearts that we learned of three Liberian friends, who appear in the documentary, had recently contracted and succumbed to the virus.

Our hearts go out to the families of those effected and all of the people of Liberia.
NDP is offering this film to view for free with the hope that viewers will be motivated to donate to Direct Relief, who is currently providing medical and humanitarian supplies to Liberia during this current Ebola crisis.  
For more information, visit the NDP Liberia Page.