November 2, 2012

SAWDUST through the Schoenfeld's lens

Last week, our production team shot in 2D and 3D, the very awaited SAWDUST trailer.

For two days under the LA Circus tents passed 3D camera, intrepid trapeze, cars from the 30's, stereographers and acrobats in  pink laced corset, magical scenario and bold fire-eaters.

A very high cast, smoothly directed by Wayne Schoenfeld and Anthony Coogan, gathered as U.S. cinema icons that high performers.

Mamie Van Doren and Chris Mitchum, most glamorous duo under the top of Dunn Bros. Circus (c) Wayne Schoenfeld

Last SAWDUST Cast surprise?

Tai Babilonia, figure skater and several Olympic medalist recognized as one of the 5 best juggler in the world is also part of it!

Tai or the burlesque butterfly (c) Wayne Schoenfeld

Pending the trailer very soon, discover the beautiful Schoenfeld's pictures of the shooting on NDP / P2P's Flikr account.

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