August 4, 2012

New Circus episodic television project in 3D!

Produced in collaboration with Wayne Schoenfeld, New Democracy productions, Stereomedia 3D HD Digital & Film, the LA Circus and Panasonic, Sawdust is the newest NDP's episodic television project!

Sawdust is a docu-drama staged behind the scene of a traveling circus during the Great Depression in US, a journey into the heart of the exotic, burlesque and the authentic. We have adopted the 3D to immerse the viewer in this microcosm of 30's.

Crowdfunding: a new funding process for SAWDUST

We call on our network to join the Sawdust production via a crowdfunding model, a collaborative funding process where everyone is invited to invest, the idea being that the film is financed by people involved by the subject, who want be included in the production process, and support the authenticity of independent filmmaking.

SAWDUST is now online on for 60 days!
Support us by investing $ 5 to $ 10 000!

You too are in love with Cinema and Circus? Support NDP and SAWDUST will come true!

This co-production US-France-Canada will donate 1/3 of the profits generated by sales of the film to Exeko's social projects, a Non-profit working for the most marginalized populations in Canada.